Terms And Conditions

These guidelines are in place to ensure the quality of our performers. Please read them carefully. Violation of any of these guidelines can result in suspension or termination of your LatestCams performer account.

1. Only REGISTERED performers on each account. Accounts may not be shared or borrowed. If you wish to do a group cam show, you MUST submit valid state issued identification for EACH performer that is going to be included in the group show PRIOR to the show starting and acknowledgement must be received from the LatestCams administrator. Accounts in violation of this rule can and will be closed immediately and payment will be withheld.

1.B This includes having people in the background that are just hanging out while you cam. Partners/family/friends should NOT be on camera if they are not a registered performer of LatestCams. Everyone in line of sight of the camera MUST be on file with proof of being over 18 by law if you continue to have random people behind you on camera your account may be terminated.

2. By appearing live on LatestCams, you are verifying that you are 18 years of age and have submitted all proper documentation and identification to LatestCams. Identification must be kept up-to-date and we will periodically check for expired identification. Accounts that have expired identification on file will be suspended until you can resubmit valid identification.

3. No nudity in free chat unless tipped. Performing for free is not ideal, you should be tipped or in a show in order to be naked on LatestCams. In no uncertain circumstances should you show vagina or spread your butt cheeks in free chat NOT even for tips that’s for private 1 on 1 shows only. Showing genitalia in free chat will result in a warning repeated rule breaking will result in a suspension of your account.

4. Performer agrees that she will not violate any law concerning obscenity. Performer shall not portray depictions of sex involving any person under the age of eighteen, rape, incest, bestiality, fisting, necrophilia or defecation.

4.B due to recent shocking actions and law breaking violations we are reinstating the no pets on camera rule. This means absolutely NO animals in shot at any time while performing on LatestCams. To be clear not in free chat and certainly not in private chat, not hanging out on your bed behind you or curled up on the floor or jumping all over you/the desk/chair etc NO animals in shot means NO animals in shot what so ever. You will be warned once if you break this rule you will be terminated.

5. Performer agrees that she will not be intoxicated in anyway whilst appearing on the site. No illegal drugs are to be used or seen whilst on camera. This stands for all models account regardless of what country or state you live in and its legal laws, its not where you are but where the server is located and billing laws on what is and isn’t ok on camera that counts. Accounts found to be engaging in this activity will result in a warning repeated rule breaking will result in account termination and payment will be withheld.

6. Promotion of other sites is not allowed. Promotion of other sites by either text chat or voice chat is absolutely forbidden and will result in a warning if repeated immediate account termination and payment will be withheld.

7. Do not solicit personal contact with customers. While in chat, it is inappropriate to solicit for escort, prostitution, or personal contact with customers. That includes exchanging emails, addresses, online chat IDs (Yahoo, AIM, Skype, etc). Accounts found to be engaging in this activity will result in a warning repeated rule breaking will have the account terminated and payment will be

8. Your account will be closed for fraudulent activity. Should your account receive numerous complaints, excessive chargebacks and/or reports of fraud, your account will be closed immediately. LatestCams reserves the right to terminate any account at any time for any reason if fraud is suspected.

9. LatestCams agrees that Performer will be allowed to own and operate a personal website. Performer agrees not to solicit customers and/or other Performers regardless if Performer’s website is in direct or indirect competition with LatestCams.

10. Performer is responsible for keeping all information located in the Performers area up-to-date. This includes mailing addresses. Checks returned by the Postal Service due to wrong addresses are subject to a $25.00 check re-issue fee and will be deducted from the Performer’s total amount owed. Checks that are delivered to the wrong address by the Postal Service and not returned to us are subject to a $30.00 stop payment and re-issue fee at cost to performer.

User Rules

1. Users should only have one account registered with LatestCams and not use multiple accounts. If you have a account issue submit a support ticket or incase of log in issue use the reset password or e-mail support.

2. Do not ask for off site contact for any reason this includes within the messenger service or while in a private 1 on 1 show, it is against LatestCams rules and terms of service for any model to give you personal contact details. This includes e-mail/personal site urls/skype/whatsapp/any other off site contact details.

2.B you providing a model with your personal contact details as a way of getting around the no personal details rule can result in you having said model banned for 48 hours depending on her response or if it is found that she used said details to contact you. this is called traffic stealing and not allowed so please DO NOT attempt to give details to a model as you could hinder her capacity to work on the site.

3. Harassment of other user and performers is not tolerated at LatestCams. The performer is there to do her job without the worry of users harassing her to do things she doesn’t do, or things for free/in free chat without the worry of getting abuse off of surfers. Likewise the other users are not your verbal punching bag because they may be getting a little more attention than you or are already engaging in conversation with the performer. Every performers room is logged and reports of abuse not seen by a moderator can be checked via the logs, this also stands for the personal messenger service they too are logged and threats to models to report them for fake reasons if they do not do as you say or any actual abuse is logged for us to read.

4. Chat room etiquette: guys you will not be the only person in a performers room all the time so understand that the performer has a duty to engage everyone in her room not just you. Please do not try to take over the chat room with solely what you want to talk about see or do, if you want to be the only person talking to the performer with no others interrupting then take the performer into 1 on 1 private.

5. DO NOT request illegal actions and/or performances from performers either in open free chat or private 1 on 1 shows this includes but is not limited to some of the following: drug taking, engaging in acts with anyone under the age of 18, bestiality, defecation, performing with anyone not legally registered on the site. Performers found doing these acts will be terminated immediately as will your customer account.